Here every stone and every lump of earth has its own history.

The homestead is a monument guarded by the beautifully preserved complex of farm buildings, which began to look like this around 1800. At that time, they planted a mighty linden tree in the yard in a granary (1801), a stone barn (1851), a wooden barn (1857) and a house ( 1867). We keep what is left of our ancestors in this respect for everything that nature has to offer. In German The homestead lies on a hill (altitude: 330 m) with 10 hectares of compacted arable land in 12 hectares of forest. At the homestead, we pride ourselves on the latter, breeding damask (shovel deer) and horses. The goat family, which impresses children, works in the fence. Kittens are moving around the homestead.

Welcome to a comfortable home environment and among ordinary people,

perfect for complete relaxation and a break from a world

that is all too fast in the meantime.

Around 1899, our great-grandfather's family, known as Vrhovec, settled on the farm at the top of Vir. Lord Janez, his wife Tereza and firstborn Janez also brought with them the house name pr 'Kavc. The farm gave birth to 15 more children, including our grandfather Janez, who married a neighbor's daughter, Karolina Zupančič. They gave birth to 6 children: Janez, Nadica, Milan, Milena, Brane and Alojz. After the father, the farm was taken over by oldest son Janez, who married Majda Bregar from Znojile near Krka. They were born to three children Damjan, Majda and Žan.


At the top of Vir, since 1899 and up to the present, four generations of Janez Vrhovec have lived. For over twenty years, the tourist story has been written on the homestead. Janez and Majda opened the doors of their homestead to guests who wanted to stay away from the daily hustle and bustle for a few hours or days and spend beautiful moments under a lime tree in the yard.

In recent years, grandchildren Zara, Jon and Gal have also been present on the homestead. They are accepted for work in the house and on the farm, and are pleased to be joined by the youngest guests.

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Marija Majda Vrhovec -

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