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Here, every stone and every heap of earth can tell a story. 


The homestead is a protected complex of agricultural buildings, which began to take on its appearance around 1800. At that time, the ancestors planted a mighty linden tree in the courtyard.  Furthermore, the so-called “Kašča” (building for storing the harvest; 1801), the stable (1851), the wooden barn (1857) and the house (1867) were built. The entire complex of agricultural buildings is

 carefully preserved and entered in the Register of Cultural Heritage.

The homestead is located on a hill (330 m above sea level), surrounded by 10 hectares of compact arable land and 12 hectares of forest. Our family runs the farm; horses, the fallow deer and goats are kept on the pasture. A family of cats awaits you in the yard.

Welcome in a pleasant and familiar environment.

Here you can relax and recover from the hectic everyday life.

Around 1899, the family of our great-grandfather Janez Vrhovec settled on the homestead on the top of Vir. On the farm, 15 children were born, including our grandfather Janez, who married the neighbor's daughter Karolina Zupančič. They had 6 children - Janez, Nadica, Milan, Milena, Brane and Alojz.

Four generations of Janez Vrhovec have lived on the top of Vir since 1899 and until today.

After 1985, the eldest son Janez took over the homestead after his father, who married Majda Bregar from Znojile pri Krki.

They had three children - Damjana, Majda and Žan.

Together, they have been writing a story about tourism for more than twenty years. In 1993 the farm was officially opened for guests. Our family has been running the farm tourism for more than 20 years. Guests who are looking for peace and quiet from the stressful everyday life for a few hours or for a few days and want to relax under the lush linden tree are welcome here.

In the meantime, there are three grandchildren on the farm: Zara, Jon and Gal.

They are a great help with the work in the house and on the farm.

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